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Vision and Autism Webinar

April 11, 2018   /    Uncategorized   /    no comments

Functional vision problems are common in individuals with Autism, yet these vision problems are often misunderstood or overlooked.

Common behaviors in patients diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder include:

  • Poor Eye Contact
  • Difficulty Maintaining Visual Attention
  • Side Looking
  • Visual Stimming
  • Difficulties with Balance/Motor Coordination
  • Overwhelmed in Visually Stimulating Environments

Join Valerie Frazer, OD, FCOVD for this FREE interactive webinar where she will discuss how these symptoms are related to inefficient visual processing of information and how Behavioral Optometry can help.


608-849-4040 or

Amblyopia: Myths, Truths, Treatments

April 21, 2017   /    Uncategorized   /    no comments

Advances in Amblyopia Treatments

Watch Dr. Frazer’s webinar that explores the ins and outs of amblyopia, dispel common treatment myths and uncover innovative treatment options including Vivid Vision virtual reality!

According to recent studies, over 12 million people in the United States alone are diagnosed with amblyopia… that’s about 3.5% of the US population.

Standard treatment options generally include endless hours of patching or Atropine drops, which have many visual and emotional consequences and low prolonged success rates.

Good news! There are advanced treatment options that are evidence-based and can be effective at any age.

During this webinar, Dr. Frazer explains:

  • Why amblyopia develops.
  • Why patching alone is not always effective.
  • The importance of binocular vision in treatment.
  • New advances in amblyopia treatment including Vivid Vision.

Workshops On Wellness- Join us on June 8th

May 26, 2016   /    Uncategorized   /    Comments Off on Workshops On Wellness- Join us on June 8th

Promoting a Healthier Lifestyle in Waunakee
Sponsored by: Village Center of Waunakee and Waunakee Lions Club

“Seeing Success: How Identifying and Treating Undetected Vision Problems Can Improve Reading and Learning”                                                                                           Presented by Valerie Frazer, Developmental Optometrist

child-studying Presentation Overview:
Does your child struggle in school or avoid reading?

Is homework a battle or take twice as long as it should?

Does your child lose their place when they read, have poor comprehension or poor handwriting?

One in four children lack the visual skills necessary to succeed in school and children labeled as ADHD or Learning Disabled are 3x more likely to have one of these treatable visual dysfunctions that can interfere with learning. Most people think that 20/20 vision is enough. They don’t realize that there are 17 visual skills needed to succeed in reading, learning, sports and in life and seeing ‘20/20’ is just one of those visual skills. Dr. Frazer will discuss when a child should have their vision checked and symptoms of common visual dysfunctions that can interfere with learning or lead to poor behavior. She will also discuss simple ways to make things easier at school/home and current research on treatment options.

Join us for this FREE Event on Wednesday, June 8th, 2016 from 7:00-8:00 pm.

Located at the Waunakee Village Center

LionsClub Waunakee

Beyond 20/20 Vision FREE Webinar

April 21, 2016   /    Uncategorized   /    Comments Off on Beyond 20/20 Vision FREE Webinar

Join Dr. Frazer for this FREE webinar to learn how tracking, focusing and eye teaming can interfere with reading fluency and the learning process.


20% of children lack the visual skills necessary to succeed in school. These necessary visual skills go beyond just eyesight or 20/20 vision. 
Dr. Frazer will review the most common symptoms of learning-related vision problems and the best methods of treatment. 
Contact us today for more information!


April 7, 2016   /    Uncategorized   /    Comments Off on Concussion
Concussion, starring Will Smith, hit theaters in December. The drama which is based on real events, brings attention to the seriousness of concussions acquired by athletes in contact sports such as football.
Vision problems after a concussion are very common. Many professional sports are using simple visual testing on the sidelines to help determine if a player should return to the game.
“Research has shown that approximately 70% of young athletes who suffer a concussion have eye coordination, focusing, and eye movement problems. Yet most parents are left on their own to choose a health care professional who can help their child correct these problems,” shares Dr. Kara Heying, OD, FCOVD, President of College of Optometrists in Vision Development. Click here to read more…

“Seeing the Bigger Picture”

June 30, 2015   /    Uncategorized   /    no comments

Ever wonder what is beyond vision therapy? In a supplement to USA Today, NFL Superstar Larry Fitzgerald talks about how vision therapy not only helped him improve his attention, reading and academic skills as a child, but has helped his performance on the football field. Check out the USA Today supplement to learn more about vision therapy and how it helped Larry Fitzgerald to strengthen and control his vision.

For more info go to here

Does My Child Have ADD: Vision and Attention

June 30, 2015   /    Uncategorized   /    no comments

Dr. Valerie Frazer presented a webinar in January which explained the relationship between a common vision disorder, convergence insufficiency, and ADHD this week. Below is a link to this webinar if you were unable to attend.

This is great information for parents, educators, therapists, etc. Please share with your family and friends!

Vision and Handwriting

June 30, 2015   /    Uncategorized   /    no comments

Dr. Valerie Frazer hosted a free webinar in February which explored handwriting as a visual skill, and strategies to help your child develop better handwriting skills. Poor handwriting is a common problem and may be helped by improving visual skills. Children who have difficulty with good handwriting may struggle with these vision-related skills:

*Peripheral Awareness
*Visualization Ability
*Eye Movement Skills
*Eye Teaming Skills
*Visual-Motor Coordination

The visual related skills needed for good handwriting are trainable through a well-designed vision therapy program. Helpful modifications were also presented. This webinar is for everyone; parents, teachers and other professionals who work with children.

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