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“Seeing the Bigger Picture”

“Seeing the Bigger Picture”

June 30, 2015   /    Uncategorized   /    no comments

Ever wonder what is beyond vision therapy? In a supplement to USA Today, NFL Superstar Larry Fitzgerald talks about how vision therapy not only helped him improve his attention, reading and academic skills as a child, but has helped his performance on the football field. Check out the USA Today supplement to learn more about vision therapy and how it helped Larry Fitzgerald to strengthen and control his vision.

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Does My Child Have ADD: Vision and Attention

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Dr. Valerie Frazer presented a webinar in January which explained the relationship between a common vision disorder, convergence insufficiency, and ADHD this week. Below is a link to this webinar if you were unable to attend.

This is great information for parents, educators, therapists, etc. Please share with your family and friends!

Vision and Handwriting

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Dr. Valerie Frazer hosted a free webinar in February which explored handwriting as a visual skill, and strategies to help your child develop better handwriting skills. Poor handwriting is a common problem and may be helped by improving visual skills. Children who have difficulty with good handwriting may struggle with these vision-related skills:

*Peripheral Awareness
*Visualization Ability
*Eye Movement Skills
*Eye Teaming Skills
*Visual-Motor Coordination

The visual related skills needed for good handwriting are trainable through a well-designed vision therapy program. Helpful modifications were also presented. This webinar is for everyone; parents, teachers and other professionals who work with children.

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