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Vision and Reading Webinar with Dr. Frazer

December 6, 2017   /    Vision and Learning , Webinar   /    no comments

Watch Dr. Frazer in this webinar to learn how tracking, focusing and eye teaming can interfere with reading fluency and the learning process.

20% of children lack the visual skills necessary to succeed in school. These necessary visual skills go beyond 20/20 vision. Dr. Frazer will review the most common symptoms of learning-related vision problems and the best methods of treatment.

Learning-Related Vision Symptoms:

  • Losing place on the page
  • Words run together when reading
  • Reversals of letters or words
  • Easily distracted or fatigued
  • Takes “hours” to do homework
  • Low reading comprehension or fluency
  • Poor or unevenly spaced handwriting
  • Uses finger to keep place
  • Eye fatigue or strain

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