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Visual Skills For Reading

November 22, 2016   /    Vision and Learning , Webinar   /    no comments

Webinar: Visual Skills For Reading

View Dr. Frazer’s webinar below to learn how visual skills such as tracking, focusing and eye teaming can interfere with reading fluency and the learning process.

Visual skills required for learning

20% of children lack visual skills required for reading and those necessary to succeed in school. These necessary visual skills go beyond 20/20 vision. Dr. Frazer will first review the most common symptoms of learning-related vision problems and then the best methods of treatment.

Learning-Related Vision Symptoms:

  • Losing place on the page
  • Words run together when reading
  • Reversals of letters or words
  • Easily distracted or fatigued
  • Takes “hours” to do homework
  • Low reading comprehension or fluency
  • Poor or unevenly spaced handwriting
  • Uses finger to keep place
  • Eye fatigue or strain

Visual skills are necessary to succeed in school.

This webinar is beneficial for everyone, parents, teachers and other professionals who work with kids.

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