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What is Visual Processing

Often children who are struggling with learning will also have difficulty with vision information processing or perception. Visual information processing delays are commonly found along with poor visual skills and can also be treated with vision therapy. Below are some visual perceptual areas and associated symptoms that are tested during a Visual Information Processing Evaluation:

Right/Left knowledge & Letter Reversals

Visual Discrimination

Ability to notice small differences in objects/words

Visual Figure Ground

Ability to separate out relevant details/information. Difficulty can also lead to poor planning/organization.

Visual Closure

Ability to complete the whole. Difficulty can cause confusion of similar objects/words, and make it slow to complete tasks.

Visual Memory/Visualization

Ability to recall or create a visual picture. Difficulties lead to poor spelling, poor recall of information, difficulty with remembering a sequence of directions, poor reading comprehension and difficulty with writing.

Visual Motor Integration

Relates to eye-hand coordination and handwriting. Difficulties cause poor organization on written page, poor copying/spacing, and increased effort to complete written tasks.

Auditory-Visual Integration

Ability to integrate what we hear with what we see. Relates to understanding phonics, and reading music.