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Most eye exams are built around the measurement or obtainment of 20/20 visual acuity. While important, visual acuity is only a small part of what “good” vision entails and does not measure how effectively or efficiently a person is using their vision. Deficiencies in visual skills are more often associated with learning problems and/or other functional vision problems and can be treated with vision therapy.  

New Horizons Vision Therapy Center now has two locations. Our Waunakee office serves the Madison, Southeast and Central Wisconsin area while our Delafield office serves the Waukesha and Milwaukee area. Both locations are accepting new patients and offer full diagnostic and treatment services.

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Success Stories

Second grade was a challenge for Joe. Luckily for him and us, we were suggested to look into vision therapy. One of the quickest results for Joe was his… Read More

– Brenda, mother of Joe age 8

Thanks to vision therapy I no longer have to suffer through severe headaches at the end of each day. My convergence and depth perception used to be… Read More

– Ashley, age 16