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Transforming Lives Through Advanced Vision Care in Wisconsin

New Horizons Vision Therapy Center is at the forefront of vision therapy and rehabilitation, offering personalized solutions to patients facing various visual challenges. From cutting-edge treatments for amblyopia and strabismus to innovative strategies for overcoming visual processing issues, our team, led by Dr. Valerie Frazer, is committed to unlocking your visual potential.


Vision Therapy for Comprehensive Clarity

Forget the limitations of traditional optometry. At New Horizons Vision Therapy Center, we use specialized vision therapy to address vision deficiencies that impact your daily life. Whether you struggle with reading difficulties, eye strain during digital tasks, headaches after prolonged focus, or even developmental challenges, our comprehensive programs can transform your experience.

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Tailored Services for Every Age and Need

We offer a suite of comprehensive services designed to address visual challenges and enhance overall visual function. Our services include advanced diagnostics, specialized lens prescriptions, and customized vision therapy exercises tailored to each patient's unique needs.


We offer specialized services to address visual impairments caused by neurological events like concussions, brain injuries, strokes, and more.


Our team provides targeted solutions for migraines and headaches, using innovative Avulux® migraine therapy and FL-41 lenses to alleviate symptoms.


Utilizing advanced techniques like Shaw lenses and personalized vision therapy, we offer amblyopia treatments to correct "lazy eye."


We harness the healing power of light with syntonic therapy, a non-invasive treatment that addresses a range of visual dysfunctions.


Sports vision training is designed to sharpen athletes' visual skills, enhancing performance through specialized exercises and technology.

New Horizons Vision Therapy Center offers visual rehabilitation for special needs patients to improve visual function and cognitive development.

Have a Concussion?

Concussions can affect visual processing, eye tracking, and binocular function, leading to symptoms such as blurred vision, headaches, and difficulties with concentration. Our skilled team is well-equipped to address concussion-related visual issues, offering comprehensive assessments and personalized treatment plans.


Advanced Lenses Tailored to Your Needs

At New Horizons Vision Therapy Center, we pride ourselves on prescribing specialty lenses for improved vision. Recognizing that each patient has unique visual needs, our personalized approach aims to enhance visual acuity, comfort, and performance. Whether it's addressing complex conditions like amblyopia and strabismus or providing relief from digital eye strain and light sensitivity, our specialty lenses are tailored to tackle specific visual challenges.

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Our Patients Say It Best
Dr. Frazer was excellent supporting my client's needs. She was accommodating and adaptable. She provided a thorough assessment and actionable recommendations to inform care decisions that allowed me to better serve my client.
6 months ago
- Madison T.

Top Reasons to Choose Our Waunakee Clinic

Choosing New Horizons Vision Therapy Center means opting for a practice dedicated to:

  1. Expertise: Our team has experience and knowledge in vision therapy and rehabilitation.

  2. Customized Care: Our approach is highly personalized, with treatments and therapies tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each patient.

  3. Advanced Technology: Equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic tools, our practice offers the latest advancements.

  4. Supportive Environment: We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere where patients feel valued and understood.

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We Would Love To Meet You

Schedule your consultation at New Horizons Vision Therapy Center and take the first step toward a life enriched with clearer sight and unparalleled care. Our team is ready to welcome you into our family of satisfied patients. Don't wait—your journey to better vision begins with us.