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What are Common Signs of Vision Problems

Here are common signs of vision problems that effect learning:

Focusing (Accommodation) Problem

  • Blinks eyes excessively
  • Has trouble copying from the board
  • Frowns, scowls, or squints to see blackboard
  • Avoids close work
  • Fatigues easily during visual tasks
  • Rubs eyes during or after visual activity
  • Complains of blur while reading or writing

Eye Tracking (Ocular Motility) Problem

  • Skips or re-reads words or letters
  • Re-reads lines or phrases
  • Mistakes words with similar beginnings or endings
  • Uses finger or marker when reading
  • Loses Place often when reading
  • Repeatedly omits “small” words
  • Moves head excessively as reads across page

Eye Teaming (Binocularity) Problem

  • Complains of seeing double
  • Covers or closes one eye
  • One eye turns (in, out, up, down) at any time
  • Tilts or turns head to one side
  • Squints, closes, or covers one eye
  • Complains of letters or lines “floating”, “running together”, or “jumping around”
  • Reports confusion of what is seen

Visual Information-Processing Problem

  • Confuses similar words
  • Fails to recognize same word in next sentence or page
  • Confuses minor likenesses and differences
  • Makes errors in copying from chalkboard or reference book
  • Difficulty following verbal instructions
  • Difficulty completing assignments in time allowed
  • Poor printing or handwriting
  • Short attention span, distractable
  • Says words aloud or moves lips as reads
  • Reverses letters, numbers, or words
  • Poor ability to remember what is read
  • Poor eye-hand coordination
  • Repeatedly confuses right-left directions
  • Poor recall of visually-presented directions
  • School performance not up to potential